Финальное расписание Brutal Assault 2019

Ждали? Получайте…


Before you start to analyze the time schedule that is coming soon, we have to announce two lineup changes. Many of you have already announced that MONSTER MAGNET have canceled all their festival appearances due to health issues, in case of MYRKUR particularly due to the late stage of pregnancy and we can only wish her all the best in her new role. We can say that it’s likely for these bands to appear next year!

It wasn’t easy to find proper and suitable last minute replacements but in the end we’ve two stellar names with an extreme all-star project VLTIMAS with their brand new record „Something Wicked Marches In“ and retro hardrockers KADAVAR. They will introduce their upcoming album „For the Dead Travel Fast“. We believe that these two late additions helped to further improve our exciting lineup and that you’ll appreciate them!

We also remind all the fans that the festival will be sold out soon – last pieces you can buy only in our eshop! You have the last chance… until tomorrow?!
Bearing that in mind we ask everyone attending to consider using of our fulfillment service — shipping of wristbands to your mailbox before the festival. Informations about fulfillment are available here.

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